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Advanced Visual Elements plugin is a collection of the most popular code pieces from the web you can customize and embed to give your website that different look it’s missing.

Huge library

Choose from 50+ (and growing) elements to customize and embed.

Easy to customize

Native WordPress editor will feel
right when editing.

Up to date

Our plugin and elements library
is regularly updated.

Shortcode/Theme support

With generated shortcodes you can embed elements anywhere.

See it in action

Just a small demo of replacing a boring Elementor button using our plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the plugin

Yes, you can use basic version which has most of the addons library and settings for free.
Download from the official WordPress plugin repository by clicking here!

We collected and compiled most popular code pieces from web and made a library out of them. You can customize them, as a developer would normally do - except you don't have to dive into the code, we connected the code with the editor so it's easy for you to work with it.

You get all of the shortcodes settings unlocked, dynamic settings option, updates and support. Oh, and one more thing - you can actually request from us to integrate a shortcode in future updates. Just show us something you like on the internet and we'll try to build it for you through our plugin!

Yes, it will work with any theme or plugin.

Go to our shop to purchase it!

We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy so you'll get your money back.

Yes, it works with any theme and any builder - it utilizes shortcodes to embed anywhere on your website.

Use this PHP code to prevent addon rendering completely:
add_filter('ave_filter_render_flag', '__return_false');
or if you want to check post/shortcode ID, then use:
add_filter('ave_filter_render_flag', function($post_id) { return false; });

Make sure to update both the plugin and the library, if the problem persists report it on the plugin support page.

If you are a PRO user, you can use this filter:
add_filter('ave_filter_element_settings', function ($settings, $post_id) { return $settings; });

Yes, you can use:
add_action('ave_action_before_element', function ($post_id, $element_id) {
// do your action here
}, 10, 2);

add_action('ave_action_after_element', function ($post_id, $element_id) {
// do your action here
}, 10, 2);

Please log in to your account here. Inside your dashboard you'll find Support section, fill out the form (please copy all the info from the "Debug info" box found on Settings page) and submit - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.